Key Questions For Sellers

Is the highest offer always the best?

Not always, as you must look at the conditions: Is it a cash deal, what percent is financed, is there a home sale contingency,  are buyers waiving inspections, appraisal, and/or mortgage commitment?

What does waiving appraisal really mean? 
If your home is selling at a contracted price of $750,000 but only appraises for $700,000 the buyer must make up the difference. Do they have the available funds?
What is the right listing price?

Review current market data for the past 90 days or less (closed & under contract) to accurately price a home.

What are sellers responsible for in regard to permits / certificate of occupancy?

Sellers are responsible for certificate of occupancy and fire certification unless otherwise noted. All permits must be verified closed with the Township.
What does waving inspections mean?
It means the inspection is done for informational purposes only. The buyers will not receive remediation from the sellers. This must be noted in the contract. Some buyers will not waive  structural, environmental inspections such as mold and radon.
What is an average time frame to close?
The average closing is around 60 days, cash transactions can close in about 3 weeks.
What are sellers closing costs?
Sellers are responsible for realty transfer tax which varies on the price of the home, attorney fees, commissions, filing fees, certificate of occupancy.
How do you get the best offer for our home?
Work closely with a knowledgeable, respected local Realtor that has experience and understands your specific situation and expectations. 


A conversation with your financial advisor / or attorney is also advisable.


Contact me for answers to your specific situation. It would be a pleasure to assist you. 

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